Community Guidelines

Welcome to the SaaS Campus, our Slack community for SaaS professionals! To make sure everyone enjoys their time here, we have a few guidelines. Please review them before you apply.  

Be Nice to Each Other: Remember, everyone here is human. Treat each other with kindness and respect. 

Keep it Non-Commercial: This community is a space for learning and sharing. So, hold off on pitching your product, unless you’re in the “shameless-plug” channel.

Get Involved: Don’t just watch from the sidelines, jump in! Your thoughts, questions, and ideas are what make this community great.

Embrace Diversity: Everyone is welcome here, regardless of their background or experience. 

Respect Privacy: What’s said in the community, stays in the community. Don’t share anything from here elsewhere without explicit permission.

No Spam, Please: Let’s keep our space clean and relevant. Avoid posting off-topic or repetitive messages.

Stick to the Topic: Each channel has a purpose. Keeping the right conversations in the right places helps everyone.

Speak Up: If you spot something that isn’t right, don’t hesitate to inform the community moderators.

Thanks for sticking to these guidelines! Here’s to a thriving and engaging space for all Benelux B2B SaaS professionals!